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2023 New Crop seger Woh-wohan Jujube mangsa Panen

Wektu Nerbitake: 2023-05-25 Ndeleng: 27

Our fresh winter woh-wohan jujube orchard in Dali, Shaanxi Province, picked its first batch of ripe jujube fruits this week.

1_ 副本

Due to the development of local intelligent greenhouse cultivation, the harvest time of winter jujube is greatly advanced to meet the demand of the market.

With thin skin, crisp, sweet and juicy flesh and high nutritional value, Chinese fresh winter jujube has become a popular export fruit.


3_ 副本

A lot of fruit will be picked next month, and our fruit will be exported to all of the world.

The winter jujube harvest and supply season is from June to October every year, and we welcome buyers from all over the world.

If you want to learn more about Fresh winter jujube fruits information , please contact us immediately:


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